STATEMENT from the Government of Chechenian Republic Ichkeria regarding the tragedy of the 16th October 2020 in the suburbs of Paris

The Presidium of the Government of the Chechenian Republic Ichkeria and the population offers condolences to the family of the deceased Samuel Paty as well as to the President Macron and the French Nation.

News agencies report that Abdulakh Anzorov aged 18 murdered Samuel Paty from the Paris suburbs Conflans-Saint-Honorine motivated by religious intolerance. Anzorovs motive concludes in the teacher showing a unsightly caricature of the Prophet Mohammed in class. The planned murder happened 11 days after the class took place.

Such crimes happened often to be organised by the Kreml to stage an involvement of the Chechnya Republic of Ichkeria and harm the image and justify aggression. As an example the four british ingeneers from the Granger Telecom were murdered in Chechnya on 7th December 1998. They were decapitated and their heads were put on display in Dzhokhar (Grozny). Moscow occused the Chechnya side even though investigations showed that everything pertaining the crime lead to Moscow and even the presumed Chechnya murderers were hiding in Russia. Moscow declined the extradition of the suspects.

Chechnya condemned the murder of Samuel Paty through A. Anzarov, who lost his life in a shootout with the Police, to the hardest degree. It is possible that the murderer was used by someone, whose barbaric target and goal would be to rebuild a Russian empire on the territory of the former USSR.

It’s no secret that in a religious view, that some dictatorial regimes in the Middle East are helping Moscow. It is possible that the organisers of such crimes still roam free, this way two people died to serve a foreign ideology. The resistance against aggressions on the territory of our free, souveraign and democtratic state, did not fall apart and continues to act acknowledging that the fight for the liberation has to get intensified to fortify the international rights and constitution of the Chechnya Republic Ichkeria.

Mentors of the extremist youth and the participating teenagers are used as Kreml propaganda to help Moscows goals. As a result the Chechenian population isn’t from the World viewed as heroic for fighting but instead gets labelled as «radical islamists», «hooligans», «criminals» or «separatists».

It’s also known that the Kreml doesn’t accept the supremacy of the international law. Moscow took over the whole territory of the Chechenian Republic Ichkeria, parts of Moldavia, Georgia, Ukraine and is now aiming at Belarus. For this Government it became normal to chase down opponents of the regime and kill them. For example the Presidents of the Chechenian Republic Ichkeria D. Dudaev, Z. Yandarbyev, A. Maskhadov, A.-Kh. Sadulayev, as well as politicians and journalists from Russia like S. Yushenkov, A. Litvinenko, S. Magnitsky, A. Politkovskaya, N. Estemirova, S. Makelov, A. Baburova, B. Nemtsov… Also counting to that list is the attempted poisoning with «Novichok» of Skripals and A. Navalny.

The brutal murder of the Frech teacher Samuel Paty was directed at the French Government and EU countries to weaken the political and economical pressure on the Kreml through sanctions. The atrocity should destract from the military conflict between Armenia and Azerbaidshan which was instigated by the Kreml.

The Hague court noticed similarities between the murder of Samuel Paty and the death of the 289 passengers of the Malasaian Boeing, which got shot down on the 17th July 2014 over the Kreml controlled region Donetsk in the Ukraine.

In such a difficult international situation, French Media played in the Kremls cards, because they accentuated the criminals nationality. Such crimes carried out by people of our nation shouldn’t be affiliated with the whole population, which is true for all countries of the world.

We hope that this atrocious crime will be examined thouroughly by French agencies. We are awaiting for results to learn how we can prevent such crimes in the future.

Today the territory of our state is occupied by the Russian Federation. The presidium of the Government Chechenian Republic Ichkeria, condemns all crimes against moral and the law.


Akhyad Idigov

Chairman of the presidium of the Government Chechenian Republic of Ichkeria 19.10.2020

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