On international non-recognition of Russia’s occupation of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and condemnation of the genocide of the Chechen nation


Appeal by the Presidium of the Government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, patriots and supporters of Ichkeria


The Presidium of the Government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and the whole Chechen nation are grateful to all the democratic countries supporting the Chechens’ fight for freedom.

In the 1990s, just as in today’s Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the Kremlin regime invaded territory of the Chechen state that had just regained its independence under the leadership of Dzhokhar Dudayev. As result of the repeated military armed aggression and genocide of the Chechen people, Russia was able to occupy our country, and eventually install the Kremlin-controlled occupation regime based on the Kadyrov clan (this was made official on June 12, 2000). As of now, the systematic destruction of the Chechen nation has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of our compatriots, and counting; tens of thousands of Chechens suffered inhuman torture in the Russia’s prisons and concentration camps. Many of us were forced to leave our Motherland.

We hereby pledge our utmost commitment in the battle against Putin’s regime that is being fought by Ukraine and the whole civilized world, and also unreservedly condemn Russia’s occupation of parts of Georgia and Moldova. We particularly condemn the collaborationism of the occupation regime in Chechenya. It has been a direct accomplice  not only in Russia’s aggression around the world but also in the Putin-directed crimes against the Chechen people (with some of these crimes being committed on the territories of the Western states).

Russia’s security services’ are obsessed with the idea of exterminating (both physically and by forced assimilation) the independent nations in the Northern Caucasus. Despite this, despite the Kremlin’s brutal pressure, Chechens will keep on fighting to liberate our country from the Russian occupiers.

Now more than ever, we need international support in this fight.

As per all above, we call on parliaments and leaders of the democratic states to declare their non-recognition of the Russia’s occupation of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, as well as their condemnation for the Russia-conducted genocide of the Chechen nation.

In so doing, the democratic countries of the world would do well by recognizing the following facts of historical and legal nature:

  • On Nov 25, 1990, the All-National Congress of Chechen people declared the state sovereignty of Chechenya (Noxçiyçö), fulfilling the Chechens’ natural right of self-determination.
  • The Chechen Republic (renamed as the “Chechen Republic of Ichkeria” as of Jan 16, 1994) gained its state independence after the dissolution of the USSR. Its Constitution, adopted by the parliament on Mar 12, 1992, designated Ichkeria as a “sovereign independent law-based state”.
  • Russia, in violation of international law and bilateral agreements, in particular the Treaty on Peace and Principles of Relations of May 12, 1997, waged two wars on the Chechen state (in 1994-1996, and again in 1999-2009) — wars clearly qualifying as a crime of aggression.
  • In the course of Russia’s aggression on the territory of Ichkeria, Russian forces committed a multitude of international crimes, resulting in the genocidal mass extermination of the Chechen people. Those international crimes fall within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

We reiterate that only a total criminal punishment of the Russia’s war criminals, for all the crimes they commited, recently and in the past, will save Europe and facilitate a real lasting peace in our world.

We also call on all Chechens and all the citizens of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, wherever they find themselves today, to join forces with compatriots and other people in an international public campaign in support of our initiative.

This is a way for the victory of justice and humanism.

Jule 10, 2022.



On behalf of the Government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria

Ahjad Idigov, memeber of the Presidium of the Government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria

Alla Dudayeva, member Representative of the Presidium of the Government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria


Suported by: 

Ramzan Mazayev, Ichkeria patriot in France

Umar-Ali Saidayev, Brigadier General of Ichkeria

Yelena Maglevannaya, Ichkeria’s Honorary Consul in Finland

Hamzat Khalidov, Ichkeria patriot in France

Lecha Yahyaev, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Idris Labazanov, Ichkeria patriot in France

Anzor Maskhadov, Ichkeria patriot

Iles Minkailov, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Akhmad Malsagov, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Iles Musayev, veteran of the Chechen national liberation movement, Denmark

Aslanbek Nazarov, Ichkeria patriot in France

Elina Mazayeva, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Buvayser Mamakayev, Chechen public figure

Gersolt Makhmudov, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Khava Yakubova, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Khamza Viskhajiev, Ichkeria patriot in France

Khalid Gazuev, Ichkeria patriot in Poland

Liza Taysuyeva, Ichkeria patriot in Kazakhstan

Danilbek Elikhanov, Ichkeria patriot, former Deputy

Minister of Information and Press of the Chechen

Republic — Ichkeria, Austria

Muslim Madiyev, Ichkeria patriot in Ukraine

Masud Madiyev, Ichkeria patriot in France

Mansur Madiyev, Ichkeria patriot in France

Baysangur Madiyev, Ichkeria patriot in Georgia

Sayfullah Madiyev, Ichkeria patriot in Ukraine

Ruslan Musayev, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Lom-Ali Isayev, Ichkeria patriot in Austria

Rustem Zhangozhev, Kazakh academic in Ukraine

Anzor Khatuyev, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Ruslan Magamadov, Ichkeria patriot

Ruslan Naurbiyev, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Selim Chagayev, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Shamil Adiyev, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Alikhan Shakhidov, Ichkeria patriot in France

Milana Makhmudova, Ichkeria patriot in France

Mokhmad Akmorzayev, Ichkeria patriot in France

Satsita Bakayeva, Ichkeria patriot in France

Maria Magamadova, Ichkeria patriot in Norway

Dzhambulat Ortsuyev, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Osman Bamatgiriyev, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Malika Malikova, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Manshura Khadisova, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Apti Batalov, Ichkeria patriot in England

Milana Ayubova, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Makhmad Saydullayev, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Mokhmad Aziyev, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Aslan Kamayev, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Alkhazur Akayev, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Musa Isayev, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Adam Arsnukayev, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Mansur Musayev, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Aymani Gadayeva, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Amina Dashayeva, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Solta Abasov, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Shamu Idrisov, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Umar Makhmudov, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Dzovbert Bulatov, Ichkeria patriot in France

Zubayir Marzhuyev, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Borz-Ali Ismayilov, Ichkeria patriot in Georgia

Salambek Khamidov, Ichkeria patriot in Austria

Aslanbek Avtorkhanov, Ichkeria patriot in Norway

Yusuf Avtorkhanov, Ichkeria patriot in Norway

Makhmad Idigov, Ichkeria patriot in France

Umalt Akhmadov, Ichkeria patriot in France

Lors Taymiyev, Ichkeria patriot in France

Issa Akhmadov, Ichkeria patriot in Finland

Ruslan Murzabekov, Ichkeria patriot in Germany

Akhmed Shovkhalov, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Magomed Shovkhalov, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Rabbani Khajiyev, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Abdurakhman Khajiyev, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Luiza Khajiyeva, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Vakha Soltayev, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Dzhambulat Satbiyev, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Ismayil Asov, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Usman Ilyasov, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Askhyab Ilyasov, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Khaz Movsarova, Ichkeria patriot in Belgium

Zenon Pozniak, exiled Belarusan politician and public figure

Iosif Zisels, Ukraine human rights activist, Soviet-era dissident

Piatras Grazhulis, Member of Parliament of Lithuania

Paul Gobble, US academic, author and retired foreign policy professional, Special Advisor on Soviet Union nations’ affairs to US State Secretary James Baker

Viktor Fainberg, linguist, prominent Soviet-era dissident

Volodymyr Vasylenko, Ukraine jurist, International Criminal Court judge (2002-2005), Ukraine Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council (2005-2010)

Yadviga Khmelevska, Poland journalist, human rights activist and Cold War-era dissident

Genovaite Šakaliene, member of the underground movement in Lithuania, member of the Lithuanian Freedom League

Diana Bidochko, is a member of the UHS (Ukrainian Helsinki Union). Co-founder and member of the Presidium of the URP (Ukrainian Republican Party). Co-founder of «Warsaw — 90»

Serhiy Kvit, Ukraine academic and education professional, President of the Kyiv-Mohyla National University

Vissarion Gugushvili, Georgia politician and statesman, Prime Minister under President Gamsakhurdia

Mykhailo Gonchar, security and energy expert in Ukraine (“Strategiya-XXI” think tank)

Yevgenia Khanina, Germany public figure

Kastitis Stoleraytis, Lithuania public figure

Oles’ Shevchenko, Ukrainian politician, Soviet-era dissident

Malkhaz Museridze, human rights activist in Georgia

Oleh Bereziuk, Ukraine lawyer, security expert and activist (“Ukrainian Jurist Society”, “Institute for Global Politics and Law”

Serhiy Vysotskyi, Ukraine politician, journalist and public figure

Barzho Dugarov, Buryat democracy movement activist

Andriy Levus, Ukraine politician, public figure and military leader, former Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine

Boris Stomakhin, Ichkeria’s Honorary Consul in Finland

Khagani Dzafarli, coordinator of the Azerbaijan Platform in Support of Ukraine

Ilkhan Nuriyev, Chairman of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of the Caucasus Nations

Piotr Khlebovich, human rights activist in Poland and Cold War-era dissident

Mariya Bazeliuk, journalist and public figure in Ukraine

Taras Protsevyat, Ukraine politician and activist, former Member of Parliament

Valeriy Buyvol, exiled Belarus politician

Volodymyr Onyschenko, Ukraine filmmaker

Gabiden Shakhandari, Kazakh public figure

Lazlo Berger, Hungary public figure

Oleh Sofianyk, Soviet-era dissident in Ukraine

Victoria Smigielski, humanitarian aid activist

Liubov Kravchuk, historian in Ukraine

Dmytro Kanibolotskyi, Ukraine public figure



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